Made with love

Met liefde gemaakt door Fenna

We create all our designs ourselves, in our memorial design studio. The ideas for our designs are born from immersing ourselves in farewell rituals and symbols from around the world and of all times. Our inspiration for the Boat urn for instance, came from sailing. Sailing stands for freedom, space and literally sailing away to the horizon. A small, white, porcelain boat became the design.

Handmade in the Netherlands

We eventually found Fenna Oosterhoff, who was happy to create the little boat for us. She made the moulds in her own workshop in Arnhem, where we also decided on the right shade of white together and all the boats were baked. Fenna really suits Bye: her eye for detail and the consideration with which she handles our design makes for a great collaboration. She is really good at what she does and crafted the Boat urn with great care. Each urn is inscribed with a small heart and is made with love. Having it handmade in the Netherlands makes the little boat even more beautiful and durable.

Made with love packed with care

With every step Tanja and I take, we always ask ourselves; is it beautiful, well made and nice to look at? We went to funeral directors, to test and ask. We found out that safe packaging is very important and has to satisfy two things: it must protect the urn from breaking and it must be sustainable. The latter wasn’t a problem. To test the not-breaking, we put a prototype urn in the box and Tanja said to me: “just do the worst with it that could possibly happen on the way”. We hesitated for a moment, but we’re also confident that the box we had made would provide the right protection. So I threw – and Fenna didn’t catch. It passed with flying colors.

Made with love, packed with care and sent with confidence.

Author: Desiree Vernie


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