Urn with photo

Mini urn met foto

An urn with photo
“I love the beautiful design and the possibility to put something personal in it, it adds emotion and remembrance and that is supportive when grieving.” This is what Esther van Apeldoorn, grief and loss expert said upon seeing our Bell Shrine photo urn. This urn is designed so that you can place a photo in it using two translucent selenite stones. When we developed this urn, we really liked the personal element. What we experience now is that people are really adding their own touch to this, which makes it even more beautiful.

An urn with photo that you can keep changing
It was so inspiring for us that people who chose our urn also told us why: “Because you can easily change the photo, it gives us the opportunity to put pictures in the urn of moments when we think of her and that changes all the time.”
We may be a little used to having one photo of someone on display and for that photo to stay the same for a very long time, but what a wonderful idea to do it differently and give it your own interpretation. Photos capture different memories and those memories and emotions can change over a month, a season and over the years. With our urn, this can change with you, so you can really give it your own interpretation and change the photo as often as you want.

An urn with photo as a small altar
“You don’t always have to find or create new things when you lose someone, most memories are in things that are already there. I always made little altars at home, now I made one with in the Bell Shrine urn”
Inside the Bell Shrine urn there is enough space to place a personal photo or a little note in it with something else next to it; a piece of jewelry, a shell you found together or a watch. You literally put these precious memories in the light and in a central place in your life. In doing so, you also keep the conversation going. Because when you smile again, it doesn’t mean you are no longer grieving.

Unieke foto urn Design urn met foto

Auteur: Desiree Vernie



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