In the Netherlands, there is a legal requirement that the ashes must be kept for at least one month before they can be collected.

This varies greatly. On average, 3 to 3.5 litres of ash remain after the cremation of an adult.

Keepsake urns, or mini urns, are used to hold a portion of the ashes. Our mini urn is 0,2 litres. These urns are used to divide the ashes among several family members, for example. It is also common for part of the ash to be scattered and part to be kept in a mini urn.

It is often possible to have the crematorium or undertaker fill the urn. You can also choose to fill the urn yourself. First place the urn on a large sheet of paper on a flat surface, so the excess ash can be easily swept up. Place the satin pouch inside the urn. Use a funnel and carefully scoop the ashes into the urn.  Optionally, the identification tag provided can also be placed in the urn. Our urns can be closed with a lock or a plastic cap. This is sufficient, but there is also the option of gluing the urn closed with transparent silicone sealant.

The urns in our current collection are not designed for outdoor use, but we may add outdoor urns in the future.

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Yes, this is certainly possible.

That depends on the size and weight of the pet and also on its bone structure. This can vary from 0.15 litres (weight about 1 kilo) to 3 litres (weight about 60 kilos).

All urns are sold with our standard 1 year guarantee. The urn can therefore be repaired, replaced (if in stock) or taken back up to 1 year after purchase if the damage is due to a manufacturing defect. This does not include damage caused by external factors such as sun damage, dropping or improper use. The urn should be handled with care. The urn should not be placed in full sunlight to prevent discolouration. We recommend that a small amount of ash is kept back in case of damage or loss. The urns are not suitable for outdoor use.

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