Beautiful, sweeter and lighter

Feather symbol

“We want to make it more beautiful, sweeter and lighter”. Tanja and I have said this to each other so many times when we were thinking about Bye. But how do you get that idea across without implying it is now all black, ugly and unkind? However, most people understand us immediately once they see our urn designs. Because our designs aren’t necessarily better than what is out there now; they are just notably different and inspired by what a someone was like.

Bell Shrine Urn bird gold

Light colours and beautiful shapes

We like to work with light colours and beautiful shapes and are inspired by symbolism from all over the world. We also really want to work with likeminded people who also want to innovate in the funeral industry and believe things can be done differently.
Tanja and I used to work together at the same company. Our goal back then was ‘to make everyday life easier and more fun’, also a wonderful mission. We fully immersed ourselves in the rituals of everyday life, from babies being born, to the first swimming lesson and from celebrating Easter to going to secondary school for the first time. We made all these life events a little bit easier and more fun by focusing on the happiness that can be found in very small things. We certainly draw on this experience now, because when we say goodbye, we also often find a little bit of solace in small personal things. It doesn’t, of course, make saying goodbye fun, or any easier. However, beauty can be healing and memories can be cherished. We hope to help give those beautiful memories an important place in your daily life.

Designs to be highlighted

Our designs are light, but also designed to be highlighted. For example, our Bell Shrines urns have a large glass bell and take on an almost magical appearance when the sun shines on them. They are beautiful to look at, to gently touch in passing and to help you take a moment to pause and reflect.

No; it’s not fun, nor easy. But it can be beautiful, sweet and light.

Author: Desiree Vernie



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