A personal urn

Houten persoonlijke urn met glazen stolp

Grieving and saying goodbye are very personal; everyone has their own views on what is important to them. People all mourn in their own way and have their own thoughts, memories and feelings. Common words often fall short. Likewise, it is impossible to define for someone else what something represents or means to them. We have seen that an urn is very personal as well: every urn will be seen differently and have a different meaning to everyone.

Bovenaanzicht design urn boot


Lately I have been thinking back to a TV commercial that Tanja and I made quite a long time ago. The video starts in the dark; it is raining and in the distance you see some little moving lights. The lights move in a particular way and get closer and closer. I don’t remember the exact lines but the voice-over says something like; “Is it a disco ball? Is it a shooting star? Is it a flare?”
Finally “it” is revealed: it’s a little girl on a bike wearing a cute raincoat with little glow in the dark dots on it, making her super visible in the dark. And that is of course a very comfortable thought for any parent; to know that when your child is outside in the dark and rain, that he or she is super visible.

A personal urn or an altar?

But as much as we still love this commercial, another thought also often comes to mind: what
if we don’t ‘reveal’ what it is, but just let everyone decide for themselves what the meaning of something is? This is how we feel about our urns – there is no need to tell anyone what they are or what they represent. What matters most is to offer inspiration.

How often is it that people see our urns and they all have a different preference? Besides having different preferences, people really also see the urns differently. To some, it’s a piece of art. To others, a parting gift. It can be an altar, a beautiful storage place, a piece of design, a memorial, or a sculpture. And those are just some of the things people mention when they see our urns.

Personal, like an urn with its own song lyrics

The symbolism behind our urns also has different meanings for everyone.
And that reminded me of singer Anouk, who once said in an interview, “I never say what my songs are about, everyone is allowed to have their own feelings and stories about that”.
This is also how we see it: we try to inspire people as much as we can and to make urns that we ourselves find beautiful – but what someone sees in them or feels about them will always be very personal and different for everyone.
There are lots of things that inspire us when we create our urns; like nature, different cultures and farewell rituals from all over the world. But the best part for us is that everyone will have their own feelings or meaningful story with them. Like a personal urn with its own lyrics.

Author: Desiree Vernie



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