You can fill an urn yourself

Twee design urn bootjes

When we design and develop our Bye designs, we always ask ourselves: do we like this ourselves? Would we buy this and is this nice to look at? We used the same type of yardstick when we started thinking about filling an urn. That’s something quite technical, so how would we like to have this explained to us ourselves? And how would we go about it?

When we did a bit of research, we saw a lot of tie-wraps and plastic bags, which to us didn’t seem like a very nice thing to remember your loved one in. So what would we prefer to use instead, ourselves? The answer was a soft, satin bag. And so that is what we have made for all our urns, in various sizes.

When it got to the actual filling of an urn, we got help from a funeral director (a very nice one), who told us all the ins and outs. Following his advice, I bought a funnel, a large white sheet of paper and some play sand and got to work. Beforehand, it did feel a bit odd, even though we were using play sand instead of real ashes and a pebble from the garden for a cremation stone. But the thought that someone will be doing this “for real” still made it special. We soon realised that it is actually very easy to do and an easy process to explain. We have made a manual in the form of a very simple video, to make the process as clear as possible for everyone.

We hope it helps you, and if you worry that filling an urn is very complicated, you’ll see that it really isn’t. How you want to go about it, is of course completely up to you. Maybe you’ll create a nice ritual, play a piece of music, reminisce with family and close friends, or maybe you just want to do it alone. How you do it is very personal for everyone. All you need to do it yourself is a funnel, a scoop, possibly some glue and a big sheet of paper. Should you still not feel up to it, or decide it’s not for you, then there is always the option of asking the crematorium or your funeral director to do it for you.




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